CRI - Acquired Advantages

Credit Risk Intelligence (CRI) is a business intelligence solution that comprehensively and dynamically addresses optimization in institutions’ credit portfolio management.

Obtained benefits can be divided into two activity fields in financial institution:

  • Historical and centralized database.
  • Flexibility to view the information through analytical and management reports.
  • Audit of information.
  • Information security through access controls.
  • Fully developed and documented solution by optimizing the implantation time.
  • Modular availability as customer’s real needs.

  • Spread analysis by risk level.
  • View of managing PDD in comparison to regulatory PDD, permitting stress simulations to impact analysis.
  • Measurement of actual losses compared to expected losses.
  • Calculations of metrics management (PD, LGD, EAD, and M).
  • Calculation of financial institution’s credit risk portion (PRE, PEPR), and through the consolidation of remaining portions institution generates allows the generation of Documents 2041 and 2051 (Cadoc’s).
  • Calculation of RAROC and EVA management metrics of credit risk.
  • Analysis of migration matrices using seasonality x observance concept.
  • Control of default and payment control.
  • Effective contract guarantees.
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